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Industrial Diamonds

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Industrial Diamond Laboratories, Inc. has been in business for over forty years, providing clients with expert diamond reclamation services. We can apply our superior operations to grinding wheels, wheel stubs, used tools, and diamond dies, amongst other applications. At Industrial Diamond Laboratories, Inc. all of our reclamation methods and equipment are developed in-house which enables us to obtain maximum recovery of diamonds from all types of Sludge and Swarf, even those which are considered by other declaimers as too marginal to process.

Our staff will assist you in determining the most efficient method for your plant to collect and save your valuable diamond-bearing by-products. We provide assays and evaluations at no charge. Therefore, we can build custom reclamation programs based upon our client's specific product requirements.

The amount of diamond material you supply us is exactly what you get back. We guarantee high dollar returns and offer the added benefit of sending all reclaimed diamonds directly back to our clients, eliminating the need for customer pick-up. At Industrial Diamond Laboratories, Inc. we have a long history successfully providing reliable, high-quality service to a variety of industries, including blade and cutting tool manufacturers. Contact our company today to learn more about our diamond reclamation services.

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