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Diamond Reclamation of Micron from Sludge for the Engineering & Tooling Industry

Reclamation of Micron from Sludge
Reclamation of Micron from Sludge

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Industrial Diamond Laboratories, Inc. known for providing reliable, high-quality diamond reclamation services, was contracted by a client from the engineering and tooling industry to reclaim micron material from sludge. Using our advanced technology, which included a series of screens and filters, we were able to reclaim all requested material and ship the recovered matter directly to our client.

After the micron material was recovered, the reclaimed matter was then cleaned, dried, and screened to ensure that what was salvaged met precise customer specifications. We then packaged all reclaimed micron material into jars. With the ability to provide shipping service to all locations in the United States and Canada, these jars were shipped directly to our client's facility. Our reclamation services allowed our client to recycle this recovered material so that it could be used for different, future applications.

Successfully meeting our client's product requirements, our valuable diamond reclamation services have saved this customer both time and money. We now provide this service for our client on an ongoing basis, as requested.

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Product Name Reclamation of Micron from Sludge
Product Description Industrial Diamond carried out our reclamation of Micron from Sludge.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Diamond Reclamation
Equipment Used Screens and filters
Overall Project Specs Reclaim and Clean Material before Sending back to Client
Typical Machining Operations
Diamond Reclamation:
Material was Delivered in Drums
Dry All the Material
Sent back to Customer
Benefits Saves Time and Money
  • Reclaimed Material Can be re-used for different applications
Packaging/Shipping Packaged into Pails or Jars
Sent to Client Directly
Industry for Use Engineering & Tooling
Turn Around Time This is an ongoing process as the client needs
Typically sent back every 10-20 Days
Delivery Location United States and Canada
Standards Met Client Specified

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